Store Events

Game Trader is proud to be part of the Gamer community. We are Gamers and we love our fans who have supported us for more than three years and two stores. To that end, we want to hold the best Gamer events in Tucson on a regular basis.

Throwing the best Midnight Launch parties in town

Want to play your favorite new game on a giant screen on top of our building with dozens of your closest friends? Come to the next Game Trader midnight launch party and check out the spectacle for yourself!

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Competitive Tournaments.

Our Department of Tournaments has been busy planning and holding the best Tournaments in town. From Madden to Halo to Street Fighter, chances are we will be holding a tournament that interests you soon. Oh, and as if bragging rights and destroying your friends wasn't enough, we play for PRIZES. Xbox 360s, Game Trader gift cards, exclusive schwag, we try to keep the loot flowing.

Don't see something on this list that you want to do? Talk to our staff about your idea, maybe we can make it happen for you!